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Welcome to Change 4 Real!

Posted by change4realcoalition on June 3, 2010

In this exciting climate of free exploration of the many possibilities for change, Sojourner-Douglass College proudly announces Change4Real, a no-holds-barred forum on transforming urban communities from the bottom – up.  Now that the previously ignored ideas of “change” and “bottom up” development are front and center in the national discourse, thanks to President Barak Obama’s stunning change-themed journey to the White house, an entirely new world of opportunities – to discuss, define, develop and deploy 21st Century “bottom up” models in every sphere of human endeavor – has emerged.

Growing out of a real life, real time, bottom – up transformation of the neighborhoods known as Oldtown, surrounding the College’s East Baltimore campus, Change4Real is much more than mere academic exercises. Rather, it is a dynamic and interactive blend of theoretical visioning, resource development and practical implementation to help determine, in real time, the parameters of change in community development, one of the most challenging arenas of our present time. Therefore, we enthusiastically invite the entire community to not just learn about but join this fast growing “grass roots” movement for community transformation through our new web-based portal, Change4Real.

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